Aaj TV hosts its Ramazan Transmission every year, and the tradition, of course, continued this year as well. “Baran-e-Rehmat” is Aaj TV’s esteemed Ramzan transmission program for the year 2023.

Baran-e-Rehmat consists of three segments: Pre-Iftar transmission, Iftar transmission, and Sehri Transmission. Pre-iftar transmission is hosted by Sidra Iqbal and sehri transmission by Sherry and Mahnoor Khalid. The iftar transmission, on the other hand, is hosted by Reema Khan.

In this Iftar transmission, Ali Sheikhani, a prominent industrialist made a few appearances. The two talked about various topics, ranging from Sheikhani’s career, ladder to success, and philanthropic aspirations.

Ali Sheikhani is a dynamic individual who wears many hats: from running a group of industries spanning over the continent, and welfare efforts in the name of his mother, to being a police constable in a county in the state of Texas.

Ali Sheikhani specially mentioned the Shamim Sheikhani Foundation, a project that is very close to his heart. The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation was founded in the year 2019, to honor the memory of Ali’s mother and was therefore named after her. The Foundation works on Ma’am Shamim Sheikhani’s principles of giving back to the community. It has been striving to help people in whichever way they may need, subsequently aiming to provide betterment to the common people and to improve the way they live their lives.

Mr. Sheikhani stated that he endeavors to keep working for the welfare in his mother’s name and to make sure that it lives up to the set standards. The foundation currently operates in Karachi and some parts of America, and the magnate aims to make it even bigger and better by the next Ramzan.

When asked by Reema to send a message to the viewers as an honest and determined police constable, Ali Sheikhani stated: “First of all, be honest with yourself. Don’t ever lie to yourself.” Next, he urged the viewers to spend in the way of God. “If one spends in the way of God, they will never be left empty-handed as doing good for others increases their own blessings by multifold.”

Ali Sheikhani is the CEO of the Sheikhani Group of Companies. Under multiple industries such as construction, equity group, cafes, retail stores, etc. He is also running for a position in the police department in the state of Texas, where his goal is to work for the interests of diverse cultural groups. He also does a lot of charity work under the flag of the Sheikhani Foundation.