Upletas are a sub-community of the Memons who migrated from Upleta in India, to Pakistan at the time of independence. An organization was then set up to help place the migrant Memons, and to work for their betterment rather than depending on anyone else- the efforts paid off and the Upleta Memon Association is still making incredible strides for the advancement of its community. From micro-financing schemes for women to issuing health cards for the needy among the community, the Memon Association is doing some extraordinary work.

Among other things, the Upleta Memon Association likes to mingle with spirited, positive and high-powered individuals of the society- so as to learn what they don’t know and to do better than they were doing before.

Ali Sheikhani, CEO of the Sheikhani group of companies happens to be one such high-powered and magnetic individual. So on the 15th of March, Mr. Ali Sheikhani was invited to a dinner held to honor him. He was joined by the chief guest Mr. Aquil Kareem Dhedhi, and the dinner was presided over by the high-esteemed Haji Masood Parekh, who is also the President of the Upleta Memon Association.

The dinner, held at Karachi Club Annexe was a merry affair. Mr Ali Sheikhani was presented with a token of appreciation for his determination and hard work.

Sheikhani is the CEO of 25 companies operating under the umbrella of Sheikhani Group. They have more than 200 retail outlets and have employed over a 1000 people. One can only imagine the complexities that come with managing such a large conglomerate, yet Mr. Ali seems to do it effortlessly. Not just that, he also has been running for the police constable elections in a county of Texas for the betterment of the people, something that is quite commendable. To top it all, Mr. Sheikhani also runs a welfare organization, named after his mother Shamim Sheikhani.

The dinner held by the Upleta Memon Association was a celebration of everything that Mr. Sheikhani has been able to achieve so far, and an honorary gesture as a nod towards the work he has done for the improvement of the society.